Engineering Services

Property Condition Assessments

The objective of the Property Condition Assessment is to report on the general condition of building systems and to identify those aspects of the property’s physical condition which would require repair and/or replacement, and to estimate the cost associated with completing those repairs/replacements. The completion of such a report can assist in the determination of the risk associated with these costs to the property’s value.

  • Property Condition Assessments
  • Green Property Condition Assessments
  • LEED Building Assessments
  • Limited Property Condition Reviews
  • Third Party Property Condition Assessment Reviews (Desktop Reviews)
  • Portfolio Reviews


Construction Monitoring Services/Plan and Cost Review

The purpose of Construction Monitoring is to assist in the proper underwriting of construction loans, by analyzing the feasibility, cost, and duration of proposed construction projects which are the subject of construction loan financing.

Project Review Report

The purpose of the Project Review Report is to review and evaluate the feasibility and adequacy of the project’s construction documents, plans and specifications, construction costs and schedule. A review of the status of permits, approvals, and certificates required for construction is included. The Report includes a narrative description of project features.

Site Observation Report

Once the construction loan closes and construction commences, periodic (usually monthly) site inspections will be conducted in conjunction with contractors Applications for Payment or as directed by the lender. This includes a review of the performance of each trade on site and review of the status and applications for all necessary permits, a review of monthly contractor requisitions including change orders and support documentation, and a review of the construction schedule and whether there are any delays in completing the project on time.

Construction Consulting Services for Distressed Projects/ Workout Situations

For distressed projects that are in a workout scenario, or foreclosed projects that are partially completed, Property Solutions can determine the status, condition, and quality of construction completed to date. Property Solutions can also establish the status of project permits and approvals and ascertain actions necessary to preserve the projects’ approvals, as well as determine an estimate of the cost to complete construction.

Owner’s Representation

Property Solutions Inc.’s Owner Representative Services bridges the gap between project disciplines and Owner’s Interests through the Team Approach. We act on the Owner’s behalf during the various critical stages by Implementing the Program from pre-Development through Post-Occupancy.

Seismic Risk Analysis

The performance of a Seismic Risk Assessment allows us to calculate a Probable Maximum Loss, or PML, for the property. The PML is expressed as a percentage of loss estimated to occur for a given seismic event.